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Second Year Program

Students with adequate background and studies may apply to begin in the second year.

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Year Two Overview

The second year of this program provides a deeper and broader study of herbs and medicinal application, expanding the Materia Medica. Students learn during the 379 classroom hours about specific conditions and multilayered approaches for working with them, in addition to advanced energetics and diagnostics, including pulse and tongue reading. They study formulation and advanced medicinal preparations, while expanding on knowledge of nutrition and lifestyle for balancing energies. Students in the second year begin to consider clinical applications.

Year 2 Curriculum
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Ready to apply for the 2nd Year Professional Herbalism Program?

Visit our Application page to learn about what a complete application includes for each program year.

Now accepting applications for the 2023-2024 school year

The program year includes a total of 343 program class hours, with 24 additional (optional) hours of Q&A time at no extra cost (367 total hours).  There will be opportunities for extra educational hours via additional classes, mentorship meetings, and special events.

Student Resources 


Year Two Schedule


(dates & times subject to change)

Weekdays: Online

Tuesdays 9a – 5p

  • Sep 5, 19, 26

  • Oct 3, 10, 17, 31

  • Nov 7, 28 *Harvest break 11/13-11/27

  • Dec 12 *Winter break 12/14-1/15

  • Jan 16, 30

  • Feb 6, 20, 27

  • Mar 5, 12, 26

  • Apr - TBD

  • May - TBD


Weekends: 1 per month, In-Person

Fridays 10:30a-6:30p, Saturdays 9a-5p, & Sundays 9a – 5p

  • Sept 8-10

  • Oct 20-22

  • Nov 10-12

  • Dec 1-3

  • Jan 19-21

  • Feb 9-11

  • Mar 15-17

  • Apr - TBD

  • May - TBD


*April & May class dates to be determined once area school calendars are released

Year 2 Schedule

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