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Mixing Organic Beauty Products

ArborVitae Student Community Herb Clinic

Our community herb clinic is open to anyone interested in a private health consultation with one of our 3rd year clinical students. Student herbal clinicians work under the supervision of ArborVitae faculty practitioners.

We practice from a holistic approach to healing and general well-being that seeks balance in all aspects of the individual, including food, lifestyle, and spirit. Clients will receive personalized herb, diet and lifestyle recommendations that can best support one’s health.

ArborVitae clinic sessions
are now free!

ArborVitae offers the herbal clinic as a community service and there is no charge for the session.  If one benefits from the service and is able, we ask for a donation that would go towards our scholarship fund, aiding students in need  to continue their herbal education.


ArborVitae is proud to
have partnered with
Herbalists Without Borders 

ArborVitae offers to provide you with a way to give tax-deductible donations to a Scholarship Fund!  Given the economic hardship many are facing thanks to the Novel Coronavirus/COVID 19 pandemic, our ability to grant scholarships to students in need is greater than ever. If anyone is able to contribute to this needed fund, we, and our students, would be deeply grateful.


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