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Resources to Dismantle Systemic Racism in Food, Agriculture, & Natural Healing Systems

ArborVitae Stands in Support of Racial Justice.

A few words to our community...

The past couple years have been difficult, and for many, painful and traumatic. The Covid-19 crisis is something that we could justifiably call unprecedented, but what is happening now is sadly not uncommon.


Racism is an old wound, a festering wound – one that dates back to the very founding of the nation, inextricably intertwined with colonialism, genocide, and slavery. It weakens the integrity and spirit of our collective American body.

Healing a long-standing wound in a sick body does not occur on its own.  It takes work, and all of us striving to promote health and wellbeing know that our contributions are needed now more than ever.


As herbalists we must also recognize and address how herbalism in the United States has its own roots intertwined with systemic racism, perpetuated to the current day. We at ArborVitae stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matter and the broader movement for racial justice, and we humbly strive to do better.

Founders, ArborVitae

Claudia Keel & Richard Mandelbaum


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